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14th Annual Festival of New Musicals

14th Annual Festival of New Musicals

JAN 18-20, 2019


Every musical got its start somewhere—for many, it was at Goodspeed. Don't miss your chance to see the next big hit at Goodspeed's 14th Annual Festival of New Musicals. Hundreds of musical theatre lovers will gather on the Goodspeed campus for staged readings of brand new works as the brightest new writers and performers collaborate to create the future of America's greatest art form. It's something different...come join us!

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The Peculiar Tale Of The Prince Of Bohemia And The Society Of Desperate Victorians

FRIDAY, JAN 18, 7:30 PM

Book and Lyrics by Becca Anderson & Dan Marshall
Music by Julian Blackmore  

When Prince Florizel learns that his father the King of Bohemia is dead, he seeks to escape the throne. He and his chaperone Colonel Geraldine are invited to join a secret society - The Suicide Club. Club members play a deadly card game nightly with higher stakes than the Prince has ever known. Realizing the deck is stacked against them, the Prince and Geraldine become inextricably linked to the club's members in a darkly hilarious new musical.

The Proxy Marriage


Book & Lyrics by Michele Lowe
Music & Lyrics by Adam Gwon
Adapted from THE PROXY MARRIAGE by Maile Meloy

In Montana, a lawyer performs proxy marriages – primarily of military couples, in which both parties are not physically present. The lawyer’s popular teenage daughter Bridey and her awkward friend William stand in for the bride and groom. When senior year is done, they leave Montana to pursue their separate dreams. Over the next 13 years, life pulls them apart and then together again, and as the world changes, so do William and Bridey. In time they realize that perhaps what they were longing for all along was each other.


SUNDAY, JAN 20, 1:00 PM 

Music, Book and Lyrics by Mark Sonnenblick

Wanda Lee, a young woman in the fictional town of Braxton, Ohio, feels totally lost. Paul, a football star who became addicted to painkillers after a career-ending injury, feels much the same. When Wanda Lee's ten-year-old brother tells both of them he's been recruited for a divine mission, Paul and Wanda Lee must decide whether to bring him to his senses or join him on the journey. A story about addiction (not just to drugs) and belief (not just in religion), Devotion is a heartfelt, uplifting musical set against an American crisis of community.

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 RisCassi & Davis
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Burry Fredrik Foundation
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Friends of the Festival
Shawn Amdur & Dale Woods
Denise Bernardo & Eddie Muentes
Anne Calanquin
Amy & Frank Campbell
Kevin Condrin
Don & Terri Coustan
Susan Gonsalves
William Gratz & James Bruno
John & Joanna Hamby
Regina Hausmann
Peter Hoyle
Chris Joy & Cathy Velenchik
Stu & Ellen Kazin
Pat & Koen Loeven
Jon Lukomnik & Lynn Davidson
Dave & Judith Macri
Ed & Sonya Mangan
Linda Morasutti & Robert Lee
Mark Planner
Jeff Riley & Mary Wilson
Anne Rothstein & Jane Hellman
Megan & H. William Stine
Russ Tait & Lee Anderson
Jessica & Carl Thompson
George Vinick & Margaret Saxe
Chris & Tracy Weed
Marie Wilson & Colette Trohan

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