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To call a staff member, call the Goodspeed administrative phone line (860.873.8664), then dial their extension. To send an email, click on the staff person's name. If your browser doesn't open a new message window, you can enter a staff member's email directly by using the format I.e, John Smith

Meet Our Leadership Team

Donna Lynn Hilton

Artistic Director

Donna Lynn Hilton [she/her] is a highly-effective creative producer with a significant record of leading, developing and producing new musical theatre works as well as inspiring a re-envisioning of the classic musical theater canon. She has been a creative force at Goodspeed Musicals for over 30 years and led the creation of many of the two-time Tony Award-winning theatre’s most successful productions of the last 13 years, garnering 9 Best Musical Awards from the Connecticut Critics Circle.

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David B. Byrd

Managing Director

David B. Byrd [he/him] was named Goodspeed Musicals’ first Managing Director in early 2021 and has held leadership positions at Connecticut’s Yale Repertory Theater, Westport Country Playhouse, and the Dwight/Edgewood Project in New Haven. With a career in the professional regional theatre spanning 20 years, he previously served as the Managing Director of Virginia Stage Company, Southeastern Virginia’s largest producing theatre.

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Stephen Agosto Line Producer ext. 724

Adam Souza Resident Music Director ext. 531

Michael Fling Artistic Associate ext. 726

Gretchen Wright General Manager ext. 347
Matthew Sonnenfeld Interim General Manager ext. 347
Kristan McLaughlin Artistic Administrator ext. 721
Ashley Sweet Executive Assistant ext. 334

Edward C. Blaschik Theatre Manager ext. 326

Hayden Schwarm Building Services Assistant ext. 312

Jeffrey Gosselin, Paul Zajac Building Services

Tyler Garstka Company Manager ext. 384

Lauren Wentz Assistant Company Manager ext. 387
Hannah Stein Company Management Associate ext. 388

Frank Stilwagner Director of Development ext. 367

Mary Miko Individual Giving Officer ext. 368

Sophia Voglino Event & Corporate Relations Manager ext. 389

Rebekah Moses Membership & Annual Fund Manager ext. 365

Yz Jasa Development & Membership Assistant / Friends of the Festival Coordinator ext. 333

Lori Cartwright Database Administrator ext. 317

Diana Silver Grant Strategies, LLC Grants Management


Nick Palazzo Education & Engagement Manager ext. 522

Tracey Krasniewski Director of Finance ext. 630

Stacy Booth Accounts Payable Manager ext. 631

Sandy Hall Payroll & Benefits Coordinator ext. 632

Kathy Rackza Supervising House Manager ext. 339 or 363

Berlyl W. Thorpe, Kathleen Sedgewick House Manager

Leigh Beatty, Alison Harris, Kathryn Lees Assistant House Managers

Janet Beer, Bob Bennett, Joe Kaminski, Paula Moriarty, Leah Smirnow, Sydney Smirnow Bartenders

Judy O'Mara Gift Shop Supervisor

Dan McMahon Director of Marketing ext. 324

Katie Desjardins Associate Marketing Director ext. 322

Ian Galligan Marketing Associate ext. 325

Carol Giroux Public Relations Manager ext. 323

Sarah Kayser Marketing/Graphics Assistant ext. 321

Diane Sobolewski Official Photographer

JKS Systems Systems Administrator

Box Office inquiries: 860.873.8668

Lauren Blankenship Box Office Manager ext. 360

Catherine Ematrudo Group Sales Manager ext. 316

Morgan Dumark-McNamee Box Office Performance Supervisor ext. 318

Wayne Rollins, Greg Wojcik Box Office Supervisors on Duty

Liam Welsh Member Services Associate ext. 363

Photini Constantinou, Nicki Cueno, Lori Inferrera, Sean Kennedy-Wonneberger, Kathryn Lees, Jenna LeMontagne, Sydney SiochDeborah Winchell, Destiny Whitten, Cecilia Zvonkovic Box Office Reps

Endla Burrows Director of Production ext. 725

Dominick Pinto Production Manager/Technical Director ext. 714

Chris Zaccardi Resident Production Stage Manager

Myjoycia Cezar Production Management Assistant

Stephanie Turner Costume Rentals Coordinator ext. 650

Cassandra Greeley, Raechel Johnsky Costume Rentals Assistants

Grace Petersen Costume Shop Manager ext. 500

Michelle Sesco Interim Costume Shop Manager

Belle Sargent Assistant Costume Shop Manager

Molly Klemm, Erin Stumm Drapers

Ella Moffly First Hand

Olivya DeLuca Stitcher

Sydney Hughes Stitcher/Dresser Swing

John Riccucci Wardrobe Supervisor, The Goodspeed ext. 341

Lydia Chamberlain Wardrobe Supervisor, The Terris

Rachel Pantangan Dresser, The Goodspeed

Chris Mermon Wig & Hair Stylist, The Goodspeed

Will Johnson Lighting Supervisor ext. 728

Karan Gosai Head Electrician, The Goodspeed

Sam O'Dea Head Electrician, The Terris

 Margaret Leupold, Audrey Visscher Electricians, The Goodspeed

Alex Benos, Audrey Visscher Electricians, The Terris

Ryann D. Lee Props Manager ext. 716

Troy A. Junker Lead Props Artisan

Gideon Rowland Props Artisan

Timothy Henderson Jr. Props Carpenter

Miranda Thompson Props Run Crew Head, The Goodspeed

Jordan Cowan Props Run Crew Head, The Terris

Samantha Bruce Props Run Crew, The Goodspeed

Dominick Pinto Technical Director ext. 714

Brendon Figueras Assistant Technical Director ext. 715

Dennis J. Riley Shop Foreman

Kevin Bolt, Aaron Frongillo, Gabby Galvan, Nicholas Jones Staff Carpenters

Ethan Arcaroli, Nathaniel Kerr Carpenters/Stagehand Swings

Lydia Joy Stage Supervisor, The Goodspeed

Shawna Martine Stage Supervisor, TheTerris

Ann Aldrich, Ian Borowik, Ashlin Penn Stagehands, The Goodspeed

Carla Tiezzi Charge Scenic Artist ext. 718

Miranda Harkins Lead Scenic Artist

April Chateauneuf Senior Staff Scenic Artist

Ashley Donnert, Grace Linzner Staff Scenic Artists

Jay Hilton Resident Sound Designer/Audio Supervisor ext. 713

Katie Paris Production Audio Engineer, The Goodspeed 

Nicholas Peretti Production Audio Engineer, The Terris

Nick Moran Assistant Audio Engineer, The Goodspeed

Tesla M. Lowrey Assistant Audio Engineer, The Terris

E. Wilson Audio Assistant, The Goodspeed