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Where's Charley? show poster

Where's Charley?

Jul 9 – Sep 25, 2004 / The Goodspeed - 6 Main Street, East Haddam, CT 06423 view map

A rendezvous without a chaperone? Two Oxford chaps run into trouble when they try to woo their ladies without proper supervision. Hilarious misunderstandings arise when Charley’s “aunt” drops by for a visit, setting off a chain of unexpected antics. Sing along with this cheerfully energetic, Tony Award-winning musical packed with Frank Loesser hits: “Once in Love with Amy,” “My Darling, My Darling,” “Where’s Charley?” and more!

Based on Brandon Thomas' "Charley's Aunt"

Book by

George Abbott

Music and Lyrics by

Frank Loesser

Set Co-Designed by

Kelly Hanson

Costumes Co-Designed by

Martha Bromelmeier

Lighting Design by

Richard Pilbrow

Music Direction by

Michael O'Flaherty

Choreographed by

Lisa Shriver

Directed and Designed by

Tony Walton


Jul 9 – Sep 25, 2004


The Goodspeed