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Princesses show poster


Nov 4 – 28, 2004 / The Terris Theatre - 33 N Main Street, Chester, CT 06412 view map

Like most boarding school girls, these hip teens hate music class, love shopping and have no interest in putting on a show. Enter America’s hottest action hero to direct the school play. All the girls are crazy for him, except for one—his daughter who barely knows him. Will she finally have a “real” father, or will he head back to Hollywood when he gets a better offer?

Book by

Bill and Cheri Steinkellner

Music by

Matthew Wilder

Lyrics by

David Zippel

Set Design by

Tony Walton

Costume Design by

William Ivey Long

Lighting Design by

Richard Pilbrow and Dawn Chiang

Sound Design by

Jonathan Deans and Peter Hylenski

Music Direction by

Lynne Shankel

Choreographed by

Rob Ashford

Conceived and Directed by

David Zippel


Nov 4 – 28, 2004


The Terris Theatre