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Flight of the Lawnchair Man show poster

Flight of the Lawnchair Man ♦

May 19 – Jun 12, 2005 / The Terris Theatre - 33 N Main Street, Chester, CT 06412 view map

Meet Jerry Gorman. A regular guy from New Jersey who just wants to fly. The neighbors think he’s nuts. His mother disapproves. But Gracie believes in him. Laugh and cheer when Jerry soars to 16,000 feet with nothing but a lawnchair and helium balloons. A new musical to remind the world that the air is free and dreams can come true if only you believe in yourself.

Book by

Peter Ullian

Music & Lyrics by

Robert Lindsey

Based on a concept by

Robert Lindsey

Directed and Choreographed by

Lynne Taylor-Corbett


May 19 – Jun 12, 2005


The Terris Theatre