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Meet John Doe

Extra! Extra! John Doe Threatens to Jump Off Brooklyn Bridge! A Depression-era reporter pumps new life into a dying newspaper with a hoax that ignites a national frenzy to save “John Doe.” Scrambling to keep the stunt going, she recruits a washed up ballplayer to play the part. How far will she go to keep up the scam of the century? With romance, intrigue and plenty of songs to fall in love with, you’ll definitely want to “Meet John Doe.”

Music by Andrew Gerle
Lyrics by Eddie Sugarman
Book by Andrew Gerle and Eddie Sugarman
Additional story by Matt August
Directed by Michael Baron
Choreographed by Karma Camp

The Terris Theatre
33 North Main Street
Chester, Conn. 06412
Seating Chart

Nov 9 - Dec 3, 2006

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