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William H. Goodspeed Legacy Society

William H. Goodspeed Legacy Society

Since its inception, Goodspeed Musicals has particularly benefited from the unique advantages of planned gifts and bequests. Because such gifts provide financial support over time, they have been essential to Goodspeed Musicals’ ability to consistently move from strength to strength, plan for the future with confidence, and ensure millions more will enjoy award-winning productions for generations to come.

Goodspeed Musicals thanks the members of the William H. Goodspeed Society who have included a future bequest to Goodspeed Musicals in their wills or estate plans.
Anonymous (8)
Dolores L. Andrew
Alice Belden
Gustaf & Virginia Bodin
Leon Hugh and Anne Sullivan Calanquin
Frank & Amy Campbell
Edward Cape
Jack & Bertie Chuong
Donald Yale Church & Anthony O’Grady Schillaci
Amy Lee Crockett, DVM
John M. Darcey
Charles M. Ericson
Muriel Fleischmann
David F. Frankel
Richard Goodman
Mrs. Harry J. Gray
Lynde Selden Karin
Ruth Katz
Nancy Kline & James Trail
Mrs. Charles Lindberg
Mrs. Carmela Marzano

     Andrew C. McKirdy
Peter J. Musto
Leslie & Lynne Nathan
Robert W. & Carolyn G. Nelson
Jane E. Ondovcsik
Barbara A. Petersen
B. A. Pomarico
Michael & Jo-Ann Price
Mary Jane Richilson
Jay Rose, CAS
Dr. Anne L. Rothstein & Ms. Jane Hellman
Dr. & Mrs. Gerald Sandler
Dr. Benjamin Sevitch
Jerome & Marian Silverstein
Carol L. Sirot
Dr. & Mrs. David Snyderman
C. William Stamm
Jessica Waldman Thompson & Carl Thompson
Sheila L. Tomlinson
Mark & Roberta Velez
Jerry & Linda Wanosky
Christopher Weed

Goodspeed Musicals fondly remembers those who left a bequest or in whose honor a memorial fund was established. Their love of musical theatre and our institution is an example to us all.
Carol H. Adams
The Milon Barnes Memorial Fund
Cynthia Kellogg Barrington
David A. Belden
Leonard N. Blake
William C. Blatchley
Timothy J. Clutter
Stephen B. Crowley, III
Ralph Davidson
Fellner Family Foundation
Albert D. Firestone
Burry Fredrik
Norwick and Elizabeth Goodspeed
Henry Sage Goodwin Memorial Fund
Judith Halevi
The Edith O. Haynes Trust
Martha C. Hinkel
Thomas W. Holton Memorial Fund
Marjorie W. Jolidon
The Adrienne I. Koch Revocable Trust
William J. Kotchen Memorial Fund
     Dorothy Liepertz
Evan S. McCord
Alice Hammerstein Mathias
Edith L. Nyman
Muriel Selden Paris
Rochelle Richilson
Barbara V. Ross
Bertha L. Rottmann
Edward Rousseau
Marco S. Savona
Susan Scherer
Richard Schneller
Lucille Lortel Schweitzer
Joan H. Scranton
Martha Shattuck
John F. Single, III
Mary Sargent Swift
Mark A. Wainger
Jessica Waldman Thompson
Jerold Wanosky
Christopher Weed
Symond Yavener
These funds and endowments listed below were established during lifetime, by bequest, or in memoriam with an outright gift to Goodspeed Musicals.*
  • The Dr. & Mrs. Harold D. Bornstein, Jr. Charitable Gift Annuity*
  • The Dr. Harold D. Bornstein, Jr. Charitable Gift Annuity*
  • The Frederick A. & Justine Millspaugh Catlin Family Fund
  • The Rochelle Dauenheimer Charitable Gift Annuity*
  • The Arthur & Elizabeth Godbout Fund for the Support of the Music Department
  • The George S. & Charmian A. Goodspeed Memorial Fund
  • The A. Nicholas Groth, Ph.D. Charitable Gift Annuity*
  • The Nancy Kline and James Trail Charitable Gift Annuities*
  • The Charles R. Lindberg Family Fund
  • The Lucille Lortel Fund
  • The Maryann & Jane E. Ondovcsik Fund for the Preservation of the Victorian Goodspeed Opera House
  • The Salvatore Marzano, Jr. Endowment of Support of the Music Department
  • The Elaine McKirdy Intern/Apprentice Endowment
  • The Michael P. Price Endowment Fund at Goodspeed Musicals
  • The Charlotte & Gerald Sandler Educational Endowment
  • The Scherer Library of Musical Theatre Fund
  • The Max Showalter Center for Education in Musical Theatre
  • The Jerome & Marian Silverstein Endowment Fund
  • The Carol L. Sirot Family Endowment Fund
  • The C. William Stamm Charitable Gift Annuity*
  • The Ashton M. Tenney, Jr. Memorial Annuity Fund*
  • The Jessica Waldman Thompson Endowment in Support of The Festival of New Musicals
  • The Zachs Family Endowment

*The donors receive a tax advantaged income stream during their lives and a named fund or endowment will be created when the annuity reverts to Goodspeed Musicals.

Goodspeed Musicals gratefully acknowledges the following gifts made to honor a special occasion or in memory of a loved one.

  • In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Cacace:  Colonel & Mrs. Wm. R. Jones
  • In memory of Muriel Wiggin Selden: Joan Perera
  • In memory of Carol H. “Honey” Adams: Bonnie L. Bernal; Mary Adams; Jean Smith; Faith & Craig Irwin; Bob & Lisa Kehayias; Alvin, Nancy & Ronnie Steiman; John & Diane Zukowski; Beverly Keeney; Joseph Smith & John Lawson; Larry & Patty McHugh; Mr. & Mrs. David Savin, Ms. Anne Schmitt, Heidi Dennison; Nina P. Donovan; Jeffrey Sunshine; Mr & Mrs. Thomas Milton
  • In memory of J. Andrew “Drew” Engelhardt: Kevin & Joanne Francis
  • In memory of Linda Schwartz: Lynn Denucci, Anonymous
  • In memory of Elaine Freedman Rubenstein: Joshua, Ephraim & Micha Rubenstein
  • In memory of Sonia Cohen: Chatham-Beech Charitable Foundation
  • In honor of Nancy Kline: James Trail
  • In honor of Richard Goodman’s special birthday: Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Baum
  • In memory of Marcella Halpert: Morton Glickman

*for period August 22, 2019 to February 14, 2020

Goodspeed Musicals is grateful to those who have made a special gift during the 2019 season. They include:

Shawn Amdur & Dale Woods
Denise Bernardo & Edwin Muentes
Anna Blanke
Marsha Brooks
Tony & Wanda Cacace
Anne Calanquin
Frank & Amy Campbell
Robert & Patricia Carroll
Gary Cluen
Kevin Condrin
Nann Cooke
Don & Terri Coustan
Robert & Mary Lou Coviello
Lois Davies
Lynn Denucci
James & Laura Duncan
Vera Ehnen
Facebook – Network for Good
Muriel & Karl Fleischmann
Joanne Francis
Susan F. Gonsalves
Laura & Roger Goodspeed
Bill Gratz & Jay Bruno
Janice Grower
John & Joanna Hamby
Regina Hausmann
Peter Hoyle
Andrew A. Isen
Stu & Ellen Kazin
Nancy Kline & James Trail
Elizabeth Leete


Benjamin B. Liveten Charitable Grand Nephew Trust
Jon Lukomnik & Lynn Davidson
Dave & Judith Macri
Ed & Sonya Mangan
Carmela Marzano
Suellen Milton
Linda Morasutti & Robert Lee
Kenneth & Paula Munson
Roy O’Neil
Pfizer/Your Cause
Mark Planner
Jeff Riley & Mary Wilson
Richard Robin
Hila & Saul Rosen
Dr. Anne Rothstein & Ms. Jane Hellman
Allyn & Karen Seymour
Bert Silverberg
Carol L. Sirot
Megan & H. William Stine
Stanley Strawski
Dorothy Swanson
Russ Tait & Lee Anderson
Natalie Tenney
Carl Thompson
Cathy Velenchik & Chris Joy
George Vinick & Margaret Saxe
Tracy & Christopher Weed
Luke & Stephanie Williams
E. Marie Wilson & Colette Trohan
Jean Wiseman
Jef & Kate Wolter
Zachs Family Foundation, Inc.
Holly Zaitchik