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If you are a member of the media, please contact Elisa Hale at 860.873.8664 x323 for login information.

Our Staff

Our Staff

To call a staff member, call the Goodspeed administrative phone line (860.873.8664), then dial their extension. To send an email, click on the staff person's name. If your browser doesn't open a new message window, you can enter a staff member's email directly by using the format first initiallastname@goodspeed.org. I.e, John Smith=jsmith@goodspeed.org


Michael Gennaro Executive Director ext. 390
Donna Lynn Cooper Hilton Producer ext. 724
Anika Chapin Artistic Associate
Jorge Lopez Assistant to the Producers ext. 726
Michael O'Flaherty Resident Music Director ext. 531


Rachel Tischler General Manager ext. 347
Kristan McLaughlin Artistic Administrator ext. 721
Donna Tafel Assistant to Mr. Gennaro ext. 334
Liz Ottone Receptionist ext. 300


Edward C. Blaschik Theatre Manager ext. 326
Karin Nickel Building Services Assistant
Jonathan Cubeta, John Sola, Paul Zajac Building Services
CleanChoiceCleaning.com Custodial Services, The Goodspeed
Burgess Cleaning Custodial Services, The Terris Theatre 


Amanda Paulick Company Manager ext. 384
Jason Sedgwick Assistant Company Manager ext. 387


Nancy Altschuler Director of Development ext. 367
Katie Brague Wasserman Institutional Giving Manager ext. 365
Gloria Gorton Director of Major Gifts ext. 366
Michele R. Baumann Membership Director ext. 333
Mary Miko Special Events Coordinator ext. 368
David Mai Development Associate ext. 317


Erin Lafferty Education Director ext. 521


William F. Nivison Director of Finance ext. 630
Joanne D’Amato Payroll Manager ext. 632
Stacy Booth Accounts Payable Manager ext. 631


Nancy Fitzgibbon, Amanda Michaud Supervising House Managers
Kathy Raczka, Beryl W. Thorpe, Leigh Beatty, Alison Harris, Diane Rottmann Assistant House Managers
Bob Bennett, David Loffredo, Paula Moriarty, Joe Kaminski Bartenders


Dan McMahon Director of Marketing and Public Relations ext. 324
Lori A. Cartwright Marketing Manager ext. 325
Elisa Hale Public Relations Manager ext. 323
Katie Desjardins Creative Content Manager ext. 322
Diane Sobolewski Official Photographer


Jeffrey Mays Systems Administrator ext. 328


Box Office inquiries: 860.873.8668 boxoffice@goodspeed.org
Roger-Paul Snell Ticket Sales Manager ext. 360
Shanna Lisitano Assistant Box Office Manager ext. 319
Shannon Robbins Box Office Manager on Duty
Daniel G. Varghese Box Office Manager on Duty
Barbara Wilkinson Box Office Manager on Duty
Patricia T. Backes, Mollie Carey, Dominique A. DeLuca, Catherine Ematrudo, Maddy Evans, Stephanie Garvey, Kailee A. Goodine, Jorge Lopez, David Mai, Megan Ouellette, Jennifer A. Roberts, Tricia Trimble Box Office Representatives
Kathryn Micari-Miller Group Sales Manager ext. 316
William Addison Subscription Services Manager ext. 740
Kim Kane, Linda Misarski, Judy O'Mara Subscription Services Representatives


Erica Gilroy Production Manager ext. 710
Nicole Makos Assistant Production Manager ext. 711


Mark Adam Rampmeyer Costume Rental Manager ext. 650
Dawn Barlow, Sophie Firestone, Breeanna Korcak, Stephanie Wooley Costume Rental Assistants


Cindy Kubala Costume Director ext. 501
Lloyd Hall Costume Shop/Design Assistant
Stephanie Taff Draper/Craft Manager
Emilia Corbin Draper
Becky Erlitz, Maureen Wynne First Hands
Amy Gawthrop, Amanda Rose Smith Stitchers
John Riccucci Wardrobe Master
Anastasia Lillpopp, Jaclyn Mercer, Emily Walters Wardrobe Assistants, The Goodspeed
Tayler Winer Wig Stylist


Will Johnson Lighting Supervisor ext. 728
L. Clay Little Production Electrician, The Goodspeed
Lacey Barkhurst Head Electrician, The Terris Theatre


Ryann D. Lee Props Manager ext. 716
Troy A. Junker Master Artisan
Crystal Gonzalez Props Artisan
Devin Gallo Props Carpenter
Elizabeth White Props Run Crew Head, The Goodspeed


Matt FrancisTechnical Director ext. 714
Jason Wadecki Assistant Technical Director ext. 715
Andy Smith Master Carpenter
Mike Cummings, Eric Hansen, Sean McConaughey, Michael Siddell Shop Carpenters
Alexandra Olinyk Journeyman Carpenter
Valerie Drake Stage Carpenter, The Goodspeed
Anthony Cacchione Stage Carpenter, The Terris Theatre


Carla Tiezzi Charge Scenic Artist ext. 718
Miranda Casler Lead Scenic Artist
Rosalind Isquith Staff Scenic Artist
Patti Lizotte PT Staff Scenic Artist


Jay Hilton Resident Sound Designer/Audio Supervisor ext. 713
Becca Stoll Production Audio Engineer The Goodspeed 
Marisa Olson Production Audio Engineer, The Terris Theatre


Brad Spachman Production Stage Manager ext. 385
Naomi Anhorn Assistant Stage Manager ext. 389