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Wedding Photography requests

Wedding Photography requests

For Wedding Parties having their Ceremony / Reception at the Gelston House:


We are pleased to allow wedding photography inside and outside the Gelston House, as well as outside The Goodspeed. No photos will be allowed inside The Goodspeed. Additionally, the lawn behind The Goodspeed along the water may be used. Goodspeed Musicals and our affiliates are in no way obligated to section off the lawn for your personal use. Visitors to East Haddam use that space frequently and will not be required to leave the area. Visitors should not experience any use restrictions due to photo set-up or equipment.


On the day of the event only, with prior approval, photographs may be taken inside The Goodspeed lobby (main staircase). There will be ABSOLUTELY NO photos taken onstage. Only professional photography is allowed. When taking photos inside The Goodspeed, the wedding party must have a Goodspeed escort at all times and remain together as a group.

No inside photos will be permitted on matinee show days. Subject to performance schedule and facility availability.

Members should contact our Development & Membership Assistant, Laura Hook (lhook@goodspeed.org), for requests/approvals and submit a Wedding Photography Request Form.

For Brides and Grooms / Wedding Parties NOT having their Ceremony / Reception at the Gelston House:

Wedding photography is allowed in following locations outside The Goodspeed: outside the front of the opera house (except during matinee performances) and on the back lawn.