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Costume Donations

Costume Donations

Goodspeed Costume Rentals accepts clothing, hat, and accessory donations from individuals, organizations, vintage stores, opera companies, Broadway production companies, and costume designers, etc.

We generally look for vintage clothing, designer clothing and costumes designed for stage, starting from the Grecian or Roman times on up to the1960s. It can be day wear, evening wear, outerwear, accessories, etc. for men, women or children.

We accept up to 25 items at a time, clean, in good condition, and on hangers. Please, no boxes. If an item is historical in nature and cannot be worn, we can use it as a pattern.

Items we do not accept include underwear, t-shirts, sweat shirts, items with business logos, infant clothing, or home decoration items.

If you have clothing you wish to donate, please email costumeassistant@goodspeed.org.

If you have items that can be used as a prop, please call 860.873.8664, ext. 716 or email us to schedule an appointment for drop-off.
Thank you!