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Looking to learn more about Chasing Rainbows?

Looking to learn more about Chasing Rainbows?

Enrich your theatre-going experience with our comprehensive selection of Audience Insights Guides, Student Guides, Director's Visions, Author's Notes, and Program Notes. Click the links below to learn about the writing and directing processes, delve into show history, and explore thematic background information.Chasing Rainbows Audience Insights

AUDIENCE INSIGHTS: Want to learn more about Chasing Rainbows? Access tons of background and historical information about this brand-new musical including a behind-the-scenes look at the show with Goodspeed's Audience Insights Guide.
(Click to download a printable version)

STUDENT GUIDE TO THE THEATRE: Bringing your kids, grandkids, or students to see Chasing Rainbows? Prep them for the show with a plot and character summary, accessible historical and thematic background information, and a behind-the-scenes look at the production.

TEACHER'S INSTRUCTIONAL GUIDE: This guide is intended for use by teachers who are bringing their school groups tosee Chasing Rainbows. It provides background historical information, teaching ideas, and prompts to facilitate students' knowledge and appreciation of the show’s themes and characters. Activities are influenced by state and national standards associated with the arts, language arts and social studies for high school levels.

PROGRAM NOTES: shares various insights into the history and background of Chasing Rainbows and Judy Garland's life.

MEET THE CAST & CREATIVE TEAM: Get up close and personal with your favorite Goodspeed actors, directors and designers.


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